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Wholesale HVAC Products

Thermostats are used for regulating the temperature of your heating and cooling system. There are numerous manufacturers and they come in a variety of styles and models which includes electromechanical, electronic, touch screen and more.

Furnaces and Heating
When it comes to heating a home there are a lot of choices. Some of the most popular products include gas and oil furnaces, electric baseboard heaters, heat pumps and radiant heating. The most efficient means of heating a whole house is typically a gas furnace which supplies the warm air through air ducts in your home. Radiant heating is often used to heat the floors in your home as it uses cables or heated water lines that run just under the floor.

Air Conditioners
Most Air conditioners or AC units, use a refrigerant known as Freon to cool the air coming into your home. There are several types of air conditioning units on the market ranging from small window units to split system central air units and evaporative coolers.

Duct also known as ducting and duct work, is the metal piping often seen in the ceilings of many homes. A series of duct work is used to carry warm and cool air through the house to be distributed through vents. As ducting runs further from the main air source, it is often reduced in size to force more pressure through the line.

Air Filters
Air filters remove dust, mold and other solid particulates from the fresh air being supplied to a home or business. Typically we will see pleated paper filters being used in most central air type systems and the filters require routine replacement when they become dirty or clogged.